“Come ride with us and have the time of your life!”

I love Glendaloch Farm and Crista Bandini. I took up riding at 62 and now at 65 can canter and jump. I entered my first competition last year and even beat some 9 year olds. At this rate there's no stopping me!

— H.M.

"If there were a trophy for putting people and horses over profit, Crista Bandini would always win the gold."

In a time when there is so much agony over the lack of ethical behavior everywhere, this wonderful enterprise is run by an amazing woman whose primary goal in everything she does is to enrich the lives of all those around her. If you wish to enjoy the best equestrian experiences in a beautiful setting that is also beautiful in the value placed on its students, workers, and animals -- this is where you want to be.

— S.H.

My daughter has only been training with Crista for one month, but I am so impressed with the progress and her eagerness to try everything Crista challenges her with. Love the beautiful location and the familial atmosphere. It is a slice of Heaven with excellent insight and instruction.

— A.G.B.


"I can't say enough about Crista as an instructor!"

I started riding seriously again at 42, and she brought me up to speed in no time. I feel safe, as she gives me undivided attention, and yet comfortably challenged so as to become a better rider. The atmosphere is fun and we all have a great time together:) If you(no matter the age!) or your child want excellent teaching and to join the horse world, Crista is the way to go, for sure! 

— P.B.

“Crista is a fabulous trainer.”

She is very passionate and a has her whole life as experience. The facility is immaculate and the horses are very well cared for. If I owned a horse or had a child ready for full lessons and I wanted her TO WIN, I'd choose here!

— A.M.