Horse Shows

    Glendaloch Farm attends both local shows and A-rated competitions. 

    Horse Show Rates

    • Horse show (including schooling days) without a groom | $100/day

    • Horse show (including school days) with a groom  | $125/day

    • Showing on a school horse, without a groom | $115/day

    • Showing on a school horse, with a groom | $150/day

    Out of town shows: clients will split the cost of trainer and grooms' hotel, food, and gas for the show. 

    Tack stalls, grooming stalls, shavings, and feed split between clients attending show.

    Once signed up for a show on your own horse, a minimum of 2 weeks notice of cancellation is required not to be billed for the show.

    To reserve a Glendaloch school horse, a $100 deposit is required to be paid 30 days before the show. The $100 will be applied to the show fee, but is non-refundable if you cancel the show within the 30 days.

    Shipping and the full horse show balance is due upon completion of show.

    Grooms' tips are customary and very much appreciated. 

    Hauling Rates* subject to change

    • Local hauling | $75
    • Any additional hauling | $1.00 / Per Mile